5262 Acrylic 1 x 1 Rib Strips

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This rib is our 100% acrylic version of our 527AP, YMC’s standard option for wool or leather jackets and coats. As a 1×1, 5262 has a smoother texture than it’s 2×2 counter parts 5232-22, 5234-22, and 5265-22. This is our most economical option for letterman style jackets and other outerwear. With a cuttable width of up to 64″, the 5262 is our widest 100% acrylic knit. We can custom knit any stripe pattern that you desire. To view our standard rib knit trim patterns, please click here.
5262 Acrylic 1x1 Rib Strips
Length:Up to 64", Standard size = 64"
Minimum:3 pcs/color, size & pattern for standard size

Common Applications: Jacket Waistbands, Collars, Cuffs, Shoulder Inserts